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Heal from your Trauma.

Do you struggle from unresolved trauma and you don't know how to heal? Through the principles we find in the "The Life Model", Christ is brought to the centre in your recovery journey. Whether it is trauma from your childhood or from a partner's sexual addiction or any other form of ongoing trauma you suffered in broken relationships, this group, will provide a healing way to resolve unhealed trauma in your life. Through this approach, we will use Biblical Principles and combined with Neuroscience and Attachment Theory. You will heal from the trauma you suffered and you fill find healing, joy and peace. Join me and other ladies and find healing from unresolved trauma in your life. We heal better in a group and being part of the community. Relational Joy is at the heart of the Life Model and Relational Joy starts with knowing who we are meant to be when we see ourselves and others through the awareness and discernment of the heart Jesus gives us.

Join us in this journey for 12 weeks starting the first week of February. We will meet once a week and each session will be £30.

Contact me if you are interested in joining this group.

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