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Every individual is different and has different needs and I tailor my approach to the specific needs of the client.  In order to know if my client and I will be a good fit to work together, I offer the first session as a free session for 45 minutes.   

My therapeutic approach draws from both the Psychodynamic School of thought, relational and body psychotherapies and I specialise in Complex Betrayal Trauma. I use the principles to treat trauma set forth in  The Life Model Works by Dr. Jim Wilder.  I help clients to understand the difference between living from your heart,  rather than living from your hurts and how to live a healthy life spiritually, emotionally and physically.

As a Counselling Psychotherapist, I will also provide a safe environment for clients to share their thoughts and concerns, and work towards helping clients to manage challenging emotional patterns and habits.  I will turn my focus to emotions and experiences clients encountered growing up - as a child or young adult - as well as their presenting symptoms and issues.  I will help clients to shed light on how these experiences have shaped them into the person they are today.

I place an emphasis on creating a space for the client to feel comfortable, to open up and share experiences from their past. The idea being that once these buried experiences and their accompanying emotions are brought to the surface, they can be fully processed, and ultimately, released. For this reason, psychotherapy is normally a long-term process (depending on the severity of the circumstances and problems), allowing the clients the time and space to fully open up.

As a counsellor I can help clients dealing with symptoms like anxiety, stress, difficulties sleeping etc., but because I work as a psychotherapist, I also deal with mental health conditions that have developed over a longer period of time. This means as a psychotherapist I will work with more complex mental health conditions too, such as PTSD, and Trauma, and long-term anxiety disorders as well as attachment disorders who are at the root of all addictions.

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