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Holding Hands and Listening Hearts

Have you been betrayed?

Is your heart shattered?

Do you struggle to heal? 

Or do you wonder if you will ever heal from this ordeal in your life?  

Maybe it is because you are still being lied to, blamed, and psychologically or/and physically abused and you don't have a safe space where you can talk to other women or where you can ask questions.

To meet you where you are in your life, I am starting a woman's group and the group will be I facilitated by me. Many of the women I am working with or have worked with are looking for a small and safe circle where they can feel heard, understood, and not judged.


- women heal better in groups,

- group work is a very effective way to address the problems you are struggling with if you are married to a husband who is addicted to Pornography or is using Pornography habitually. 


I offer online women's groups in small settings with only 5 women per group to journey together and this space becomes  a safe place for you where you can belong and grieve the losses associated with your husband's sexual addiction. 

Details for the group:

What:       Support and encouragement group.  Drop-in and share your journey and hear from others.

Theme:    Specific focus on Gaslighting for the month of June but partners and join in for support too.

When:       Mondays 18:00 to 19:30 GMT/London Time     

Who:         Women after 55 only please; maximum of 6 participants.

Note: If this group is full I will offer an additional support group. 


If you are interested in joining us please drop me an email and I will send you the zoom link. carin@shatteredheartsrevived.com 

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