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complex betrayal Trauma

I offer one on one counseling for partner betrayal trauma.
I will walk alongside you, holding your broken heart in my hands and helping you to heal
I also mentor partners in relational healing who are impacted by sexual addiction in their marriages.
Do you suffer from 
  • Nightmare's
  • Anxiety
  • Triggers
  • Not knowing how to manage the chaos of your life?
  • Do you feel rejected and abandoned?
  • Do you feel like a roommate instead of a wife to your husband?
You can make sense of your chaos and Recovery for you will happen in three stages and each stage is vital in the recovery process. 
My training helps me to understand the three stages of recovery from  betrayal trauma to be:
  • Safety & Stabilization
  • Remembrance and mourning
  • Re-connection
Very often partners are being pathologized for not getting well rather than looking at what is going on in the relationship that she still doesn’t feel safe. Treatment-induced trauma occurs when the partner is blamed for her not getting better when she still is not safe in the relationship.  It is important for the partner to feel safe and understood.  
Please contact me if you want me to support you in your recovery from betrayal trauma and to understand yourself better and how to deal with lies, narcissistic behavior of the addict in your life, what gaslighting is and how to deal with guilt and blame shifting.
Every betrayed partner can heal and live a healthy life after betrayal.
Please take the survey bellow to provide a better insight to your personal situation:
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