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Carin, you are a lovely person. You are so motivating.  

Thank you for your wisdom and understanding.


 Thank you for your support and encouragement.   

Thank you so much for your great help and clarity today!

I am well and using many things in my toolbox last night and today. I will be fine this weekend and appreciate our session so much. I can’t stop thinking about it—there is a deep wound. as you said, more so than I imagined, and I’ll be crying more productively to heal myself instead of crying over the latest thing my partner is doing to scare me.

~ J ~

It is difficult to put into words everything that my experience with Carin and her caring heart has meant to me. 

But here goes. 

Carin's personal experience, specialized training, and willingness to deal with a very painful reality in my life has earned her a special place in my heart forever!  She has helped me make informed decisions. And she has become a trusted guide, providing truthful, subject-specific information and clarity to a very murky place in my heart and mind. 

She helped me to feel safe. 

Her help in dealing with my husband's addiction and the accompanying trauma is an answer to prayer. With her, I learned my husband's addiction isn't a reflection of my worth.  I didn't "cause" his addiction, it wasn't even about me. 

She is willing to sit with me in my pain. 

She taught me to identify and feel my feelings.  She helped me develop enough courage to face my (painful) reality. 

She walked with me to heal multiple deep layers of trauma. 

She helped me regain my voice.

She taught me about self care and provided other exercises, and resources that have aided in my recovery. 

Her encouragement to look at the ongoing "post traumatic growth" has restored a level of hope that I think would ever exist again. 

God has used her in my life as an invaluable tool for my healing.


Carin, just a quick note to say how much I loved our new group today! You are an awesome facilitator, and I feel so blessed to be among such incredible women. Thank you so much for including me! 
I cannot begin to say what a gift it is to know you, to learn from you, and to be lifted by you through some of the darkest days I have ever known.

Carin works with great consideration and wisdom. Her knowledge umbrella's over a large number of subjects, specifically betrayal trauma and spiritual bypassing, were important for me in understanding my symptoms. Her sessions are centered directly with the clients need on that day. She can guide me through the full process in a 50-minute session. This is so that I leave every session feeling freer and lighter than I entered it. It's like having a mot of your brain, heart, spirit and soul, and after spending that time with her and her smile, I always know I am loved and am capable. I have learnt a tool kit of actions to support my healing. My thoughts have become clearer and more empowered. I can understand so much more about my relationship with God because of her. When I was too broken, she carried me to Jesus, and I found him in my pain. She has supported me in guiding my four children through trauma-related behaviours with resources. She has been able to write reports for me to support evidence of my betrayal trauma. Over 12 months, she has released from my body incredible trauma and pain through the ministry of tears. I believe she has kept me from becoming very ill. She is always open and gracious. She believes in people and loves God dearly. Her counselling is second to none, and over my 38 years, I have experienced many different forms of counselling.


One on one Counselling sessions


When I met Carin, I immediately identified with her spirit, even though I was still in a stage of much anxiety and fear.  Although I had made a lot of progress in two years of recovery, in which I was working hard, attending every webinar I was able to, studying every book I could find, and attending every therapy and group session available to me, Carin’s work with me provided a breakthrough.


During my first session, Carin prayed for my brain, and at that very moment, something shifted inside me. I cannot fully explain what, but the Lord touched me and dealt with the heightened emotions of fear and anxiety I had been dealing with at that time.


Carin has been instrumental in my recovery in teaching me and leading me through the Emmanuel Prayer, going deep into parts of the trauma I have experienced. I was able to come to the place where Jesus has brought deep healing in my soul. 


I am deeply grateful to Carin for taking me multiple steps further in my recovery from trauma. With the same comfort, I have been comforted, and I have the gift of comforting others in different parts of the world.


~Missionary in the Middle East~ 

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