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Shattered Hearts Revived Therapy

Carin Dussé


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Do you feel traumatised, stuck, alone in life, or were you betrayed in a long term relationship? I offer a safe space where you will be heard, understood and validated, and you will have the opportunity to process your life to heal.
I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and trauma therapist based in Fife, Scotland. I offer a warm, compassionate and confidential space in which feelings, thoughts and experiences that are overwhelming or distressing can be worked through and resolved.
As the founder of Shattered Hearts Revived, a counselling service specialising in the treatment of  Trauma and Complex Betrayal Trauma based on a Multidimensional Trauma Model, I am no stranger to heartbreak in the lives of many women. I completed my specialised training in this field through APSATS, the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists, and I am an APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS). This specialisation set me on a course to help Traumatised partners effectively and compassionately from the effect of betrayal in their marriages.

My services include both.
  • Therapy for individuals and facilitating groups.
  • Therapy for complex betrayal and relational trauma to reclaim clarity, power, and connection.
  • Therapy for traumatised clients struggling CPTSD - childhood trauma 
  • Therapy for clients who are traumatised by sexual abuse 
  • Helping you in  ‘Setting Boundaries’ and ‘Overcoming Triggers'
  • I consult via internet platforms - mainly Zoom and Skype.


Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mentor, Coach

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