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As the founder of Shattered Hearts Revived, a counseling service specializing in the treatment of Partner Betrayal Trauma based on a Multidimensional Trauma Model, I am no stranger to heartbreak in the lives of many women. I completed my training in this field through APSATS, the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists, to become a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS-c). This specialization set me on a course to help Traumatised partners effectively and compassionately from the effect of betrayal in their marriages.

My services include both counseling therapy and mentoring for partners in healing from the devastating effects sexual addiction has wreaked on their lives and in their marriage relationships.  I consult in person from my office at home and via internet platforms - mainly Zoom and Skype. The inclusion of mentoring in my approach with clients stems from my belief and experience that it plays a key role in the healing journey - a need that traditional therapy, on its own, is wholly inadequate to fulfill.


Consequently, my training as a Certified Trauma Mentor through Bravehearts University, serves as the foundation for my courses in ‘Setting Boundaries’ and ‘Overcoming Triggers’ which  I offer as a Coach for Marsha Means in her ministry: A Circle of Joy.

My mission and life calling is to provide every betrayed partner with the specialized and professional knowledge, information, tools, and skills, to not only survive this relational trauma, but also to reclaim clarity, power, and connection.

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