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Rock in Sand

Creative Intervention

Sand Play in Sand Tray


Sandplay is a therapeutic modality while Sand-trays are used more typically as interventions paired with play therapy or verbal therapy. This intervention and modality can be used with adults, teens, and children as a projective technique. 

Sandplay is a hands-on form of therapy that facilitates the psyche’s natural healing ability by providing a safe space and appropriate symbols to create a concrete manifestation of a person’s internal symbolic world. It is often an adjunct to verbal therapy or play therapy as a nonverbal way to express feelings and experiences often inaccessible or difficult to express with words.

Sandtray interventions can be used in tandem with other forms of therapy, for example a treatment for a client who has been abused.

Sandplay is deep, internal work but very rewarding.  Come along and play in the sand.

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