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Healing From Trauma
to Joy 

 This group provides a deeply healing way to resolve unhealed trauma, whether that trauma is from childhood or from your partner’s sexual addiction, or from both. We will be using the Life Model principles. This group combines neuroscience, attachment theory, and Biblical principles to take us further in our healing. We will heal spiritually because we can have a spiritual wound.  We will heal emotionally and our brains will heal.  Hope will be restored.   Peace and joy will return and increase.  The Bible speaks about "one another"   59 times and it carries the message:  "Look out for one another"  and find a healing community.  Recovery groups for women offer an opportunity for women to heal in a safe place surrounded by others who are on the same journey.  When women are with one another in groups, they have the opportunity to engage in a very powerful and healing encounter.   Experiencing God, loving one another, and bearing each other’s burdens will become enable women to embrace each other on this journey and giving and receiving life will the foundation of these small therapeutic groups.   Join in and find healing from unresolved trauma in your life. This process cannot, and does not, happen in isolation. It takes a community. The invitation to love one another and we provide a space for this to happen in these groups.​

Time:       TBC
When:      When the group is full (only 5 participants per group)
Who:         Women only please; maximum of 5 participants.​
Handbook:  Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You
The price is $40 a week for 12 weeks = $480.00.
It can be paid in full or Monthly instalments: 3x $180
Weekly instalments: 2x $90 per month​

Please contact me if you are interested.


"This book offers indeed a life model that works. Getting healed is key and a prerequisite to mature spiritually.
This is a book with tremendous depth rounded by real life testimonies. It encourages you to let the Spirit and people who loves you that are around you to be healed and restored.
Maturing is a painful process but in love it is a joyful and fruitful journey to our true identity and full capacity.
This book presents Jesus in a fresh way. The superlatives do not abounds but the testimonies are true jewels. And each testimony can be a prophecy that you can proclaim for you.
So dare to be healed loved and matured!
A monumental work that put Christianity in a place that is dangerous for the evil. It gives the church a model how become a joyful mature spiritual family, where the orphan the widow and the poor can receive love!"

Floating Flowers


The study of this book helped me to grow in understanding about myself, when I was traumatised and I gained better understanding of what the effect of trauma was in my life and how to heal from the wounds of the past.   My life was colourless, in grey tones and painful but I am restored and healed.  I have learned the healing power of joy, gratitude and gratefulness.

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