Divorce Group



"Your group was the best divorce group I’ve had the privilege to experience. Your entwining of several levels of modalities to calm the trauma we faced, multi-faceted through experiential exercises through color, visions, calming tools along with the the abandonment therapy allowed me to go deeper into my issues. The tools you used, the stories with analogies and exploration of how those analogies fit directly in our lives was invaluable. I believe the other ladies in the group and I have developed a life-long connection of friendship and support thanks to your compassion and in sharing your own vulnerabilities. 


Thank you. It is my greatest pleasure to know you.


You have a tender approach that helps us all open up. At the same time I like being held accountable for our part of the readings and exercises 


Are you Divorced or in the process of getting a divorce or being separated and you feel as if you are being thrown away - come and heal with others who know what you are going through.

A Therapeutic Group is a small group of women consisting of no more than 5 participants facing similar circumstances or seasons.  If you are divorced or separated to get divorced and you find you need women whose struggles are the same as yours, sign up for this group and journey together with others. 

Each group will be facilitated by me.  I am APSATS certified (see home page for the link) and I let my first group when I was 15 years old and almost 50 years later, I am still facilitating women's groups.  

Handbook:  Journey from Abandonment to Healing by Susan Anderson

Workbook: The Abandonment Recovery Workbook by Susan Anderson

Starting date:  As soon as the group is full.   Please contact me for details.

This group meets bi-weekly for 2 hour sessions for 12 sessions.
Starting date:  8 March 2022
Time:  Tuesdays - 17:00-19:00 GMT/12:00-14:00 EST/11:00-13:00 CST
£25 a week for 12 sessions =£300/$420
Payment options
Pay in full £300 or $420
3 monthly payments of £100.00/$140
£50 twice a month for 3 months!/$70


Payment can be made through stripe.  Clients will receive an invoice and payments will secure their place in the group.

Triad Therapeutic Groups will cover:  

  • Trauma and Trauma Bonds

  • Abandonment 

  • Boundaries

  • Trigger management

  • Rejection

  • Rage

  • Pain Management Techniques

  • Understanding Attachment and Detachment

  • Do I have my support network in place? Attorneys, friends, childcare, etc?

  • How am I practising self-care?

  • How can I manage co-parenting or parallel parenting with my abuser?

  • Navigating the no-contact or reduced contact if there are children

  • Telling family and friends

  • Dealing with the lonely days

  • Thinking ahead and restoring hope