Holding Hands

Couples Restoration 
and Redemption

Who can come?


I  work with individuals and couples but relationship restoration is for everyone who is in a relationship and wants to improve the relationship or wants to heal from a breakup or betrayal, so I work with anyone who wants to talk about relationship issues.

My speciality is to work with couples who are in crisis because one partner is struggling with unhealthy sexual behaviour or are using pornography compulsively or is addicted to pornography.  This situation does not, initially,  call for normal couples therapy because when there is a pornography problem, we do not treat it as a couples issue.  We only embark on restoring the couple's relationship when a new foundation of truth is established in the marriage.  

I Specialise In:



  • Therapeutic led Redemptive Process 

  • Trauma Work for the partner

  • Therapeutic Disclosures & if necessary, a polygraph test.

  • Emotional Impact Letter

  • Restitution Letter

  • Amends Letters

  • Writing Recovery Plans 

  • Reparation Work 

  • Recovery plan for both partners and then eventually couples counselling

To establish a foundation of truth in the marriage, we lead the couple through a Therapeutic Redemptive Restorative Process.


Also follow the link below to the website Beth Noah- Place of Rest for more information  


Redemptive Reconciliation Process


Therapeutic Disclosure

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