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What is a ‘Therapeutic Disclosure’?


A ‘therapeutic disclosure’ is where the person with the sex addiction gives a full account of their acting out behavior.  It is a process of fact finding and information gathering.  The information gathering is facilitated by a trained sex addiction therapist.  Their role is to ensure that the partner and the addicted partner are kept safe throughout the process.

Benefits for the couple

  • Draws a line under the information seeking and sharing process

  • Provides a safe space to process any additional information that may be revealed 

  • Ensures an equal relationship, without secrets, where both parties know what happened 

  • Allows decisions to be made about the future based on truth 

  • Creates greater opportunities for intimacy to grow from shared knowledge of the past

Benefits for the partner

  • Allows you to stop seeking further information

  • Creates a safe environment to explore other questions that need to be asked

  • Provides information from which personal boundaries can be considered and established

Benefits for the addicted partner

  • Draws a line under any further disclosures

  • Provides the opportunity to break through secrecy and shame

  • Removes the risk of any undisclosed information later being revealed or discovered

  • Encourages honesty and vulnerability within the relationship

  • Allows for true intimacy to develop as you are loved for who you really are, not who you are pretending to be.

More details on how a ‘therapeutic disclosure’ is conducted can be found in  “Stop Sex Addiction, Real Hope, True Freedom For Sex Addicts and Partners”  by Milton S. Magness.

If you want to know more about this procedure watch the video though the link below, contact me or follow the link to Beth Noah Place of rest:


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