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Betrayal Trauma

 Using a trauma-model approach, From Betrayal Trauma to Healing & Joy:


A Workbook for Partners of Sex Addicts provides healing pathway women can follow, either individually or in a support group.


Beginning with the raw pain betrayal trauma victims experience, this well-researched, soul-searching guide sensitively uses a forward-moving process, enabling women to come to understand their losses, grieve them, grow through them, and go on to heal. With a balance of educational content and penetrating therapeutic questions, women review what has happened in their relationship and process it as they journal their answers to the workbook's self-reflective questions.

As they do, they learn to use important new tools and skills and gain new strengths that equip them for the challenges they face, whether their relationship heals, or comes to an end.


Chapter by chapter, women learns what it takes to share one's life with a man working to stay free from sex addiction. And as they grow and evaluate their options, they gain new insight and clarity, enabling them to choose the next best steps for their own lives.


This workbook is compatible with Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal, which the author wrote with Dr. Barb Steffens. And it is the 4th edition of the workbook formerly titled, Journey to Healing & Joy: A Workbook for Partners of Sex Add

Pay in full:  £300.00 / $370.00

3 monthly payments of £105.00 / $130.00
£35 / $44 a week for 12 weeks /$350

It requires the purchase of (shown on the resource page)

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse
Healing from Betrayal Trauma to Joy workbook


Starting Date:  Wednesday 23 June 

Time:  9:00 EST/ 14:00 BST (London Time)

The meeting will be on zoom:  




Contact me:                                       


Walking through a spouse's sexual betrayal and trying to heal your own heart, soul, mind, and body are daunting. During my journey of trying to heal from my husband's years of betrayal, I have encountered MANY programs, counsellors, coaches, and books, and Carin's heart and wisdom stand out.  She is an example of the kind of guide to healing I would like to see every woman have as they face the grueling path of recovery. Whether you are working to heal alone or are still attempting to save your marriage, Carin has the personal and professional experience to help you through the process. She shared wisdom, compassion, insight, tough love, and training I have seen only from her.  I cannot find words to fully express how highly I recommend inviting her into your healing journey. 

~A pastor's wife~

Carin. I want to express my gratitude for your guidance of me personally and all of us in this extremely difficult and fragile time. You understood our pain and never minimized it. You validated our brokenness but told us we had to face it. You taught us skills to do this with grace. You helped us connect to the true Healer and reminded us of His love for us and that He will not desert us when we need Him most. You created a safe space for us to share with one another, and to give love that we as women desire to give but simply do not want to be hurt in doing so. I thank you. 


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